Query Letter Critiques

A query letter is your book’s first chance to make an impression on a prospective literary agent. As someone who’s spent her career reading queries, wading through slush, and tweaking marketing copy, I offer a thorough look at your query or blurb with an editor’s eye for both clarity and that elusive, all-important hook.

Query Critique Package

My query critique includes two rounds of feedback, with two weeks in between for you to revise. So you’ll get not only actionable feedback to strengthen your first crack at a query letter, but also a follow-up assessment of your revision (and further notes for streamlining).¬†

  • A round of notes, suggestions, and questions/comments from me on your first draft query letter, delivered as Track Changes comments¬†
  • After you revise based on my notes, a second round of notes and comments on your revised query letter, delivered as Track Changes comments one week after submission of revised query