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For manuscripts that need a road map for revisions, an expert eye for marketability, and a thorough analysis of plot, character, and language.


For manuscripts that are ready to play with words, perfect language, and keep every last detail consistent, logical, and in service of the plot.


For manuscripts on the verge of publication or submission, a nuts-and-bolts edit to correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall mechanics.

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If you’re not sure what kind of editing you need, or just where to go with your book, let’s chat.

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Authors shouldn’t have to go it alone! The Author Studio has e-books, checklists, revision guides, productivity tips, and more, all available for free.


“I already feel like a better writer just looking at some of your notes. 

I have to be honest, I never really wanted to spend money on my writing…but something about you and your enthusiasm for my story really, REALLY made me want to say yes.”

James G.

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